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kiamoonfang's Profile Picture
Kia Moonfang
United States
A lonely loving wolf looking for friends and a little fun. I've black fur soft as silk with deep green eyes. I'm also a big gammer of MMOs and PS3 games. Other than that I'm not very good at talking about myself so I'll add more here as time goes on.

Adblock is a beautiful thing on any browser to get rid of all the clutter web sites think they need. I never see an ad here or anywhere :)

╦╦╦╦═╗ Put this on your page
║╩║║║╔╗ ~if you give free hugs
╚╩╩═╩═╝(Anybody need a Hug)

~Saw this on 7vem's Inkbunny page and thought it was cute like him ~

My gaming (You play any of these?):

Final Fantasy XIV - Kia Moonfang -…

Star Trek Online - @methopoison

EverQuest - Erollisi Marr The Nameless Server - Methorn
Everquest II - Freeport Server in The City of Freeport - Methorn
Everquest II - Freeport Server in The City of Qeynos - Maxxwell
Everquest II - Freeport Server in The City of Qeynos - Ophelllia
PSN ID: WhiteWolf_Metho
DC Universe Online PS3 - US PvE - Villain- Metho
Free Realms - PS3 - Maxwell Shadowheart
Minecraft - kiamoonfang

Notable PS3 Games I have:

Dragon Age Origins
Dragon Age 2
Bleach Soul Resurrecction
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


░████░░ ████░░
░█░░█░░█░ █░░
░████░░ ████░░
Put this on ur page if u do role play

My RP and story char

Kia (Kyle) Moonfang (This is who I see myself more as)…
Age: 13
Race: Wolf (Vasta Lorde)
Body type: Anthro
Height: 5'3
Weight: 107
Eyes: Green
Fur: Black
Build: Average
Occupation: Student
Skill: Scythe and two kamas on a chain use
Darick Centry…
Age: 13
Race: Mouse
Body type: Anthro
Height: 4 and 1/2 ft
Weight: 100
Eyes: red
Fur: Sand Brown
Build: Average
Occupation: Student
Power base: Visored Shinigami
Skill: Staff
Relation: Kia's best friend, found without family and adopted by the Darkfangs
Metho Poisondeath…
Age: 15
Race: Wolf
Body type: Anthro
Eyes: Blue
Fur: Snow white
Build: Average
Occupation: Pack Prince of the Darkfangs
Skill: Kama use
Power Base: Shinigami
Relation: Cousin to Kia
Valos Nightsong…
Age: 19
Race: Wolf
Body type: Anthro
Eyes: Green
Fur: Jet Black
Build: Average
Occupation: General
Skill: Swordsmanship
Power Base: Shinigami
Relation: Cousin to Kia, Older brother to Metho
Nix Bloodpaw…
Age: 25
Race: Wolf
Body type: Anthro
Eyes: Yellow (Demon like)
Fur: Black
Build: Average
Occupation: Solder
Skill: Archery
Power Base: Visored Quincy
Relation: Cousin to Kia, Oldest brother to Metho and Valos
Markus Darkfang
(It's very very rare I use him in RP fights but he will restrain others when he believes them to be wrong)…
Age: Unknown (Over 6000 years)
Age look: Early 30s
Race: Wolf
Body type: Anthro
Eyes: Blue/Green
Fur: Black
Build: Average
Occupation: Alpha (Pack leader) of the Darkfangs, Supreme alpha of the console of pack alphas
Power Base: Shinigami
Skill: Hand to hand, Swordsmanship, Magic
Relation: Uncle to Kia, Father to Metho, Valos and Nix
Two things I detest more than anything, trolls and being forced to block people and last night I had to deal with both. I'm a member of a few communities and trolls are common place I guess no matter where you go but man I've never had to deal with someone who keeps on so badly even ever being blocked in another community. I don't like fighting or having to deal with big wars so I unblock the stupid troll in an attempt to make peace, doesn't help in the least bit because he blocks me and post more trash for the whole community to deal with. I should have just reported him and been done with him but I'm too nice I guess. Just horrible how this guy belittles me basically trying to make me feel stupid and all over a petty game of all things. I've never seen such a petty, know it all stain on the fur community. I mean the guy just couldn't be reasoned with and was so close minded. In the end I guess I'm to blame he stains a community with his profile taking up space in a database that some other new and good fur could use. He's not really impotent, I could care less about him but I feel for the community since he'll go on with his stupidity.

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Damn, I really should follow my first instincts not only staying out of political bull shit but also anything coming close to political. Hell, should just stay out of speaking my mind on anything doing with public school system or the justice system... heh Like we in the US have ANYTHING in those three places to be proud of. Thank the gods for home schooling, private schooling and the fact I can leave anytime I want!
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